It takes bravery to speak out, compassion to forgive, positivity to heal the body and mind, and strength to face bad times. More than anything it takes hope to believe that one day what you have suffered will be less than what you have achieved.

Welcome to Survivors Like Me, a community committed to helping people heal after trauma by sharing stories, support, and practical information on prevention and treatment. We’re so happy you’ve joined us!

At Survivors Like Me we will help you to find your own recipe for recovery by providing treatment resources, prevention and support tools, as well as inspiration on which to thrive. We will encourage open discourse on pertinent current subjects: to stop the cycle of abuse, every voice must be heard and every issue brought to light. We will include real world events and engaging activities to keep all of you excited about the next steps in your life.

Stay tuned to Survivors Like Me for free event announcements, free recipes for your health, and free gifts to bring a smile to your face, to remind you that you are never alone, and to keep you connected to our supportive, caring network.

Our team has launched this resource having collective experience with issues of sexual, physical and psychological abuse, bullying and discrimination. Some of us are bringing extensive knowledge in the medical and nonprofit sectors while other members of our team are bringing personal experience to the table.

We are a microcosm for the world where the issue of abuse is unavoidable: everyone is touched by it, either by being a victim or caring about someone who is. However you have been affected by abuse and trauma, this is your place. Survivors Like Me is a positive network that is committed to lifting you up when life is at its darkest.

If you have a vision for a Survivors Like Me community event to promote healing in your area, please feel free to add your voice to the mix on Facebook or by emailing us directly at info@SurvivorsLikeMe.org

All are welcome here. Let’s discuss and confront abuse and maltreatment, and heal together!